Welcome to lucas(aid)

I’m, uh.. Lucas! I know that time is precious, so I thank you for visiting and giving me your valuable attention (the eyes and ears).

After mulling over the intricacies of whether or not to start this project, I’ve concluded that I do have something to offer you, as I share, and write about everything within the realm of my athletic endeavors as an aspiring athlete. From training, racing, and #viewsfordays, to recovery, headspace and staying motivated, my goal here is to put down in words the many thoughts, ideas, and conversations surrounding the ongoing romance I’ve had with running, in an attempt to offer up all that I’ve learnt.

Some background: I was never the athletic type with an illustrious track and field background, believe it or not, I was actually a bit of a gym-rat back in the day, trying to pack on those gains. The defining of myself as a trail-runner was marked when I bought my first pieces of trail gear (a wind-shell & headlight) for the ensuing winter of 2014. One evening standing atop the summit of Lions-Head, I realized that having just run up alone while it poured down must have separated me from the average road runner? Not long after this, I got hold of my first race entry into the 2014 Table Mountain Challenge 38km – via Twitter – after a good friend Paul Cartmel offered up his own – an obsession had begun. Personally, that race still lists as a top 3 ‘most broken’, and as I recall the experience, I smile at the beauty of being a beginner and just saying yes to the opportunity without concern over “being competitive” or “fit enough” to do it. One of the standout experiences during that very first race was the moment I started catching people in the batch ahead of me (I was in D) – “Looks like you’re having a great run” a runner shouted as I passed by — I was hooked; the thrill of the competition, the desire to improve, the post-race high.

So why Lucas(aid)? Well, I have some running-related projects up my sleeves – some of them are a bit ambitious – so I thought I’d better get started with this athlete-journal. There’s also a desire to write (and create) which stems from a small piece I wrote last year about a racing highlight – apart from enjoying the process of recalling that experience, I received an incredible amount of positive feedback, a lot of which encouraging me to write more. Well, here we go!

I hope that lucas(aid).co.za becomes a meaningful resource for you as I add content along the way, and if you have any thoughts, comments or collaborative projects you’d like to share, please get in touch. I’d also appreciate any feedback (good or bad) you might have, so don’t be shy: hello@lucasradams.com | @lucasradams